Monday, 5 October 2015

Who want to go to school? - Montunrayo Akande

Maths is so boring and hard. I cannot be bothered to learn how to sew in my Home Economics or Technology lesson. Why do we have to learn French in school? I said some of these statements when I was in school. As I have grown older, I have come to see the importance of learning these subjects. A case in point would be languages. The British Council noted that learning foreign languages provides benefits to the economy, trade and improves employability as some multinational companies value job candidates with language skills. Likewise, we learn skills and knowledge from these subjects that are useful in our daily lives. I get to use my maths skills when I’m calculating what percentage of my income I save each month.
At the moment, I am able to share my love for learning as a volunteer with City Year UK, a charity that supports students from disadvantaged backgrounds. I explain academic concepts to them and I believe that this would prepare them for academic assessments and life, in general. My knowledge of fractions has been tested as I offered one to one support to students to help them understand how to add fractions. Now, I am glad I listened during my secondary school Maths classes. I do not know everything and attending classes has improved my knowledge. From attending design and technology classes, I learnt the basics in manufacturing and fashion design. In science, I assisted in a class where students learnt about the organs of the body. I believe that these lessons provide a solid foundation to potentially considering a career in a field related to these subjects.
Going back to school to serve with City Year UK has made me reflect on the importance of school. The impact education has makes me think of the young people who are denied access to quality education in developing countries. Lacking this education narrows their ability to work in certain professions which could influence their potential earnings. I graduated from university in July and I hope that more people would be given the opportunity to go to university as well.
School made a difference in my life by equipping me with lifelong skills and knowledge that has helped me make better decisions. Attending school for me was not just about the academic achievement, even though that was important. It was a time where I learnt to be independent and to relate with people from different backgrounds. I serve with City Year UK to create positive experiences for students and to motivate students who have lost interest in school because I see the long-term impact of improving their engagement in school.

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